A' PUTIA | Sicilian pastry & cafe

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In 2012, Giacomo d'Alessandro, Sicilian entrepreneur, after having spent time in the U.S, and in particular in the New York City area and having tasted cannoli pastries produced locally, decided it was time to introduce the true taste of Sicilian cannoli into the country.

He created a new brand called A'Putia, that in Sicilian dialect means a typical shop a place where you can find authentic regional products. The challenge has been how to get the fresh ricotta cheese from Agrigento where it is made to New York preserving its freshness.

Giacomo has found the perfect way of doing this, and so, once a month all the basic ingredients necessary to make cannoli and cassata, are dispatched from a small village in the province of Agrigento, Sicily to the city of New York.

By April 2013, the preparation of these Sicilian pastries will be made under Giacomo's supervision and delivered daily to customers in New York.

A'Putia will then distribute to wholesaler (restaurant and caterers), and Giacomo's next step will be to open a retail pastry cafè as soon as he finds the right location for this, so that everyone will be able to taste the real cannoli and cassate, perhaps together with a coffee or cappuccino!

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